7 Facts You May Not Know About LGBT Pride

Did you know, June is known as the Pride Month in the LGBT community? Every year, cities across the world hold month long festivities in the support of the liberation of the gender minorities. While many may term  these celebrations as excessively sexual, this criticism only serves the purpose of demonizing the queer community.

Let’s enlighten ourselves with a quick glimpse of seven interesting facts about the LGBT Pride!

It celebrates the Stonewall Inn riots

In 1969, raids were conducted to arrest the members of the LGBT community when they congregated at the Stonewall Inn. When on June 28, the police tried to attempt another such raid, the individuals retaliated. This resulted in riots that lasted for more than 3 days. These protests played an instrumental role in the launch of the movement for LGBT rights.

A key role in the LGBT Pride was played by transgender women of color

Despite the accusations of the LBGT movement being whitewashed, it is interesting to note that two women of color played an important role in the Stonewall Inn Riots. The women in question are Sylvia Rivera from  Puerto Rico and Marsha P. Johnson from Venezuela.

The first-ever LGBT parade was co-organized by a bisexual female

The bisexual LGBT activist Brenda Howard was responsible for organizing the first-ever LGBT parade. Not only did she shape the framework of the festivities, she also innovated the idea of spreading the parade celebrities over a one-week period.

There is  a pride dedicated to the Transgenders

Cities including Seattle, Portland and the Los Angeles all have dedicated events for the transgender population. These events are a way for the transgender to mark their struggle for civil rights.

The Pride month has only been recognized by two US Presidents

While Bill Clinton was the first US President who issued a proclamation for the  June Pride month, President Obama has acknowledged the Pride parade for over 8 years now!

Black queer pride is held in many cities

Black queer prides that serve the purpose of the queer individuals of color are held across many cities. Such events showcase the diversity in the LGBT community.

The first Pride flag featured additional colors

It’s known for promoting fantasy websites

That’s true, lots of gay communities are involved in running web sites with videos like Young Perpetrators, where caught guys are getting their punishment. It’s of course work of fantasy!

Created in the 1970s, the flag of Pride was designed by Gilbert Baker in the State of San Fransico. While the current versions of the Pride flag feature 6 colors, they are missing the turquoise and hot pink that featured in the first-ever Pride flag.

With those facts, we hope that you are now aware about the importance of the LGBT Pride. Apart from the colorful festivities, the pride is a way for the queer community to have its voice heard.