LGBT’s Greatest Achievements In 2017

When George Cecil Ives founded the LGBT movement decades ago, he had no idea it would evolve into what it is today. The movement has transformed from a scrawny movement, made up of few people, into a global movement that we can no longer ignore. Thanks to the movement, mainstream acceptance of the LGBT community continues to spread and abuse against LGBT people has reduced. But what did they achieve in 2017? Here are the movement’s greatest achievements in 2017.

Acknowledge of Bratty Sisters

Bratty Sis – Scandalous? Not Anymore!

LGBT communities are known for being taboo’ish and what was important step in 2017 is their acceptance and appreciation of Bratty Sis series. This taboo video content features sex between step-family members of sisters and brothers. It causes quite a scandal in some communities but seem to do just fine in LGBT ones. You can check out the latest episodes and videos from this series on this tube website.

They Have Made Gay Marriages Normal

Yes! Same-sex marriages are now officially boring. They are normal! People have become much more liberal about gay marriages. They have accepted them. In fact, according to a recent report released by Pew Research Center, the approval for gay marriages in America has risen to 62% in 2017 from 35% in 2001. According to the report, the support has been across all age groups: Even amongst the silent group (Individual ages between 70 and 90) approval for same-sex marriages went up from 21% in 2001 to more than 42% in 2017. The approval rate has gone up regardless of people’s political affiliations. The approval rate amongst the republicans has virtually doubled, from 20% in 2001 to approximately 40% in 2017. The numbers are expected to continue going up in 2018. Amazing, right?

Continued Support for Trans People

While sex marriages have gained support, that is not the case for transgender people. Trans people are still discriminated against. This year, several states tried have introduced legislation that limits transgender rights, but the LGBT could not let them. LGBT continues condemned anti-transgender legislations and holds protests and forums aimed at addressing gender inequality head-on.

Challenging Anti-gay Countries and Leaders Fiercely

Gay marriages might be normal in this country, but there are countries that continue to criminalize marriages. In fact, according to a tally by ILGA, an LGBT ally, 72 countries have criminal laws against same-sex marriages and transgender sexual activities. The tally also shows that there eight countries where being a member of the LGBT community can result in a death penalty. This year, the LGBT movement has put a lot of pressure on these countries and the abuse against the LGBT community in those countries has reduced significantly.

Made Us Talk Their Language

Not tiring of their efforts to be heard and treated equally, LGBT has got most if not all people fighting for their rights. We have become part of the LGBT. 2017 saw many music artists getting out the closet and admitted to being members of the LGBT and are currently enjoying successful careers without feeling queer and out of place. Moreover, LGBT artists gained recognition and accolades a good example being in the London marks Pride 2017.

Continued Support for LGBT Pride Month

Most people think that the LGBT pride month is all about parties and parades. But that’s not all true. This is a month that brings like-minded people together so they can share their love and person experiences. It’s a month that allows LGBT people to be proud of themselves. It’s a month that inspires gay people and transgender to come out of the closet and let their voice be heard. The fact that the LGBT movement continues to mobilize resources to support the LGBT pride month is no mean achievement. It’s a great achievement.

Continued Push for Inclusion in the Government

The continued push by the LGBT movement for inclusion in the government was finally paying off! As on April 4th, a court ruling was made favoring LGBT, whereby the Civil Rights Acts prohibited the discrimination against LGBT employees both in the governmental and non-governmental agencies by the 7th Circuit Court. More wins were evident on June 27th when Columbia District residents were extended by the state government the liberty of choosing a gender-neutral option for driver’s licenses and identification cards. On November 7th, voters of Virginia elected a member of the LGBT, Danica Roem, to the Virginia House of Delegates. She was the first openly candidate of LGBT to be elected to a state administration in the United States. Good things were still coming LGBT’s way as on December 11th; a federal judge annihilated President Trump’s prohibition on members of LGBT to serve in the military.
2017 was an excellent year for the LGBT movement. Will 2018 be great? Well, If the social movement continues to work hard as they did in 2017, it will take even greater strides in 2018.