LGBT Rights Movements And Important Milestone

It is argued that there has always been an account of same sex relations since the history of society and popular civilizations as known to man. This is well known and documented by most historians and goes out to make a statement despite the considerations on whether the individuals are accepted in the community all not. The struggle for the LGBT movements is motivated by many factors and the resolve of one brings the movement to a whole new course.

The general idea for the movement is however based on inclusivity where the members seek equal recognition by both law and custom. The struggle has assumed many forms as seen through the ages with most vibrant courses being the legalization of same sex marriage, protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation as well as right to expression just like other couples enjoy in the society.

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The LGBT rights movement like any other social movement has had its challenges as well as achievements that have seen a more receptive society. It has been an active campaign that continues to gain more milestones with the situation of LGBT being easier as compared to the conservative nature of the traditional societies.  Back in 1969 is when the movement can trace back its active history. The Stonewall Riots sparked as retaliation to excessive force and discrimination by the police of Greenwich Village towards the LGBT.

The movement inspired the LGBT to openly come out to claim their rights as well as to be counted for active contribution towards the struggle. This gained ground internationally over the ages giving the movement a more assertive voice hence warranting attention from different institutions of authority in their community. 46 years later the movement is realizing unprecedented leaps with more expression from their parts.

Major achievements are such as the legalization of the same sex marriage which is an important clause that acknowledges them by law. Discriminating on such a given couple would thus be liable to punishment since it violates personal rights. This law has currently been adopted in the United States, Mexico, Ireland and continues to be actively incorporated into many regimes in the international system. Another achievement is the setting of commemorative dates and marking important LGBT days on the calendar. Such is as in the case of the LGBT Pride Month.

In the recent years the media platform has proven to be very resourceful in integrating as well as creating awareness towards the LGBT course. The pop culture that is internationally accepted has done its fair share of representing as well as featuring the LGBT. This has influenced the new liberal perceptions of the new generation as well as systematically stemming out the traditional and rigid notions which are often sparked by the phobia and the great insecurities of the institution as a whole.

The governments have also been very instrumental in policy creation towards the LGBT course. The world’s super power being tolerant to the LGBT has acted as guidance to other countries. The American government also has stood by the LGBT rights and using the necessary diplomatic measures to make countries be more perceptive of the LGBT.