11 Facts about Gay Rights

In today’s modern society, LGBT is a topic that is given much scope of discussions. Contrary to the past, in today’s time, the society considers gay and lesbianism more rationally and it is now acknowledged as a matter of passion and cultural orientation. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few key facts about Gay rights.

  1. The US Supreme Court modifying parts of Defense of Marriage Act

In 2013, the apex court in the US amended parts of the Defense of Marriage act, changing the definition of marriage from a union between a man and a lady and legalized wedding between same-sex couples.

  1. Same-sex couples made eligible to enjoy all securities as well as health benefits

As the US Supreme Court declared same-sex wedding legal, such couples got entitled to enjoy all the health benefits and social rights as per the provision of the Defense of Marriage act.

  1. Same-sex marriage is considered legal in 19 states in the US

By July 2014, 19 states in the US legalized wedding between same-sex couples. Moreover, the residents of these states got the right to support LGBT in Public.

  1. Mathew Shepherd act got approved in the US senate

The US senate gave its approval on the Mathew Shepherd act in July 2009. This outlawed crimes that are based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

  1. Implementation of the Employment nondiscrimination act

In 2007, the US federal Government passed an enactment to ensure that LGBTs are not facing discrimination at the workplace for their sexual orientations.  It especially emphasizes that no applicants can be condemned from participating in a job interview on the plea that he/she is from LGBT community.

  1. A sharp rise in social victimization for members in LGBT community

Even though there have been efforts from Government to secure the right of the LGBTs, since 2007, there has been a drastic rise in the rate of social victimization on gays and lesbians.

  1. 20% of the homeless youth in the US are LGBTs

A recent report shows that about 20% of total 1.6 million homeless youths in the US falls in the category of LGBTs.

  1. US government acknowledged the right of LGBTs

In 2012, EX-US president Obama acknowledged the right of the LGBTs and stated that the Government is empathetic to these flocks.

  1. 13 states banned gay marriage in 2013

In 2013, 13 states in the US condemned Gay marriage, going through the necessary constitutional amendments and modifications.

  1. Colorado legalized social union of same-sex couples but condemns the same-sex marriage

Colorado is the only states in the US that acknowledge social union of same-sex couples but, condemns marriage between same-sex couples.

  1. Gay marriage is legalized in 15 nations across the world

In addition to the US, gay marriage has been legalized in 14 other countries around the globe. Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Norway, France, New Zealand are few of the nations that acknowledge marriage between same sexes.

The points stated above are crucial if you have to study the history of LGBT movements and hence, deserve your attention.