5 facts about same-sex marriage

LGBT and same-sex marriage are issues that you require handling sensibly. This is a topic that is given much discussion in today’s time and with the advancement of time, people consider these topics with much leniency. Across the globe, for generations, innumerable movements had been endeavored to establish the social and legal rights of the individuals from the LGBT community. Likewise, same-sex marriage has been legalized in several countries across the world while few other nations still review this topic being conservative. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few key facts about same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage gained substantial rise in terms of public support

A research conducted in June 2015 accounted for the finding that there has been a drastic shift in the attitude towards same-sex marriage in the US. The same research displayed the finding that the public support towards same-sex marriage raised from 37% in 2009 to 60%. This is indeed a key finding.

There prevail noteworthy differences in opinion about same-sex marriage among groups

Another social research displayed that there are differences in opinion about same-sex marriage, depending on ethnicity, age, religious inclination and other parameters. As for instance, the major part of the Hispanics and whites supported same-sex marriage. So far religious inclination is concerned, people without religious affiliation advocates same-sex marriage. So far the parameter of age is concerned; around 60% of the youth, within the age of 30 years are strong supporters of same-sex marital relationships.

The US federal government amended the defense of marriage act in 2012

In 2012, the federal government in the US amended the DOMA act that altered the previous definition of marriage as a union between 2 individuals of opposite sex. This amendment entitled the same-sex partners to enjoy those benefits in terms of health insurance and social rights that the partners of opposite sex use to enjoy, before the amendment was made.

US residents overviews the legal recognition of the same-sex marriage as inevitable

It is a significant observation that 75% of the adult residents in the US oversee the legal recognition of same-sex marriage as an inevitable outcome. This even includes those flocks that oppose gay marriage.

The US becomes the 20th nation to legalize same-sex marriage

The US recently joined the pool of the countries that had legalized the marriage between same-sex partners. Before the US, same-sex marriage was made legalized in countries like Canada, Denmark, Norway, Argentina, France, Spain, Ireland, and New Zealand.

The points stated above are important as it will enable you to understand as for how the society sees the marital relationship between same-sexes. Considering these points, you are ought to admit that the society has completely changed its perception on same-sex marriage. In today’s time, the majority of people from around the world holds an indifferent attitude towards the marital relationship between 2 men or ladies. Hence, such partners need not face hardships to marry their partners. This is a significant progress made in the social life as even in the recent past, the same-sex wedding was approached vehemently.