LGBT Issues That Matter More Than Marriage

Since 1970’s to today’s date, the human society has witnessed several movements to secure the right of the LGBTs. These issues have secured the social and civic rights of these individuals to a large extent. In today’s time, same-sex marriage has been legalized in several countries. However, the issues with LGBT are not confined to the perspective of marriage between partners of the same sex. The paragraphs underneath will discuss a few key issues with LGB.

Issue of Youth Homelessness

The biggest issue with LGBTs is definitely the excessively high rate of homelessness. A recent research shows that about 40% of the home youth in the US are LGBTs. They were thrown out of their house as their family members approached this exceptional sexual orientation as an act of crime or abnormality. These youths even had to experience humiliation from their family members. Homelessness is definitely an issue for LGBTs that demands an immediate solution.

Rising rate of violence against the transgender and queer people

A point of concern with LGBTs is the rising rate of violence against these individuals. In a span of 5 years since 2011, the rate of violence against LGBTs in the US has risen by 30%. This is an issue that is vehemently affecting the basic civil and social rights that a citizen is entitled to enjoy.

Racial Justice

The picture turns worse with the mention of the fact that LGBTs with color are more exposed to the violence and disparity. This implies, LGBTs with color will require facing more deprivation, oppression as well as risks to face physical and mental attacks. This is something that completely contradicts the principle of equality and fraternity. Racial justice makes the LGBTs more exposed to the threats of violence and hence, it is an issue that requires an upfront solution.

Immigration injustice

Another key issue to the individuals from LGBT community is the injustice they face in instances of immigration purposes. In countries where LGBT is still approached conservatively, these individuals find almost impossible to get the immigration permit. Even if they are given the immigration permit, the society there will receive them with a chilled intent.

Poor Economic standing

Though there are several celebs who proudly call them LGBTs, the economic capacities of the average LGBTs are very bad. As still, these individuals have to face injustice in professional domain; it is hard for them to secure their economic standing. Hence, economic justice is one issue that holds a key concern in LGBT movements.

Social and civic Injustice

LGBTs are still observed as if an alien and the society is yet to deal with them in the manner it should do. Hence, these individuals have to face deprivation and discrimination in the course of daily life.


A recent research conducted in the US suggests that LGBTs enjoy much lesser health benefits as compared with the straight adults.

The points stated above are crucial and if the human society has to ensure equal rights for all, these issues should be given an immediate solution. In other words, once these issues are resolved, automatically marriage between same-sex couples will get to a better standing.