LGBT rights movement history

Unless the onset of the 19th Century very little effort was put to make some formal studies and research on homosexuality.  At an earlier phase, efforts got endeavored by scientists and doctors from Europe to analyze the range of sexual behavior in mankind. The finding by these experts featured an empathetic approach to the orientation of the bisexual as well as homosexual concepts. God to say, these orientations were never considered as a crime or something abnormal, contrary to the approach adopted by the religious leaders during the middle ages. However, in the recent past, during the era of Nazis in Germany, LGBT was considered as a taboo and held in a style as if a crime.

History of LGBT movements in the United States

In the US, few attempts got endeavored for creating an advocacy unit to support gay & Lesbian relationships. This continued till the World War II broke out. However, gay life flourished during the prewar time in the urban areas. With the disruptions of the Second World War permitted the scattered gay men and ladies, meeting as soldiers and war workers as well as other volunteers. Enhanced awareness, combining with the investigation on homosexual orientations, occupying jobs with the government agencies during the 1950’s, paved the way for the firs-of-the-kind voicing demands for equal treatment in areas of health, public policy, as well as employment-related perspectives.

Advancements made between 1950’s and 1960’s

The primary agency, acknowledging gay and lesbian men and women as an oppressed community culturally were the 1950-founded MATTACHINE Society. In addition, several other homophile agencies came into operation between 1950’s and 1960’s. As for the movement to advocate the voice of the lesbian community, came up the Daughters of Bilitis during 1955. Arranging meetings, seminars, and publications, these agencies extended information, outreaching to thousands.  The attempts of these groups were to identify LGBT as passion and take the concept out from convictions of crime and abnormality. The rights and freedom that the LGBT community around the World enjoys today, is to be owed to the efforts and attempts made by these agencies.

Movements for social and Civil Rights for the LGBT community

During 1965, several attempts were made across the globe to bring fairness and equality in terms of civil rights. The call of these movements was to ensure equal social and civil rights to the members of the LGBT community. The focus of these groups was to establish Gay and lesbianism as a matter of passion and choice. These movements got the orientation a significant impetus to remove the taboos that were revolving LGBT orientations.

Once it reached to the 1980’s, came a wave of the movements, fighting for the equal rights of the LGBT individuals. In today’s time, with the advancement of time, people had been matured enough to accept LGBT as a matter of choice and not a crime or abnormality. In today’s time, LGBTs have their social and civil rights secured with the Governments establishing laws and enactments to protect their fundamental rights.